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IE Context Menu Toolset 1.0

IE Context Menu Toolset add some useful tools to the context menu of IE
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IE Context Menu Toolset adds some useful options to the context menu of the Internet Explorer. These tools can help a web developer/designer in debugging a web page and diagnosing problems. It is a small utility which is a must for all web developers. It adds following options to the IE context menu. 1. Dictionary Lookup - It searches for definition of any highlighted word or you can also enter your own word which you would like to search.
2. Force All Links To Open In A New Window - It forces all the web pages to be opened in a new Browser Window
3. Show Hidden Inputs - As the name says, this option turns all hidden form inputs on the page into visible text boxes, in yellow, preceded by the input name.
4. Show Link Targets - It shows the TARGET properties of the hyperlinks.
5. Showing DIVS and SPANS - This option highlights all the DIVS and SPANS present in a web page.
6. Links Highlighted - It highlights all text links on the page with a yellow background color.
7. Table Borders - This option highlights all the tables present in a web page
8. View Archived Page - It shows the archived or cached version of a page from Google.
9. ZOOM --> in <-- - It allows you to zoom in an out of a web page.

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